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Jan 27,  · All of the girls were between 17 and 19 years old and all of the teachers were female. Bill had a trample fetish that no one new about and used to spend most of his days fantasizing about the girls and teachers walking over him without knowing he was there. If anyone ever knew of this fetish it would likely cost him his job however. Jan 27,  · Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish 2 story chapters ; April's Revenge the Interactive Story! 56 story chapters ; Neo Pokèrus: The Pokèmorph disease! story chapters ; When Good Girls Go Bad 77 story chapters ; Shrink by kids 54 story chapters ; Zero no Tsukaima Growth and Shrink Story story chapters ; Steph's 'The Pen' 7 story chapters.

Penny had expected the unexpected - but this? A funny ride back home. A night of fun and games with her toy-friend. Femdom marriage underpinned by Femdom Goddess Kali trampling. GoddessKali and the AllAmerican Trampling Fetish. and other exciting erotic stories at! - trampling by hot young girls. Back to main page.

A collection of original trample stories from our members. Share your real life trample and crush experiences, the Mistress and other members love to read them. We will take inspiration from the best and most popular stories. It's hard to tell if a girl really has a trample fetish or not. I used to work with a woman that always threatened to stand on things to destroy them. When she was upset with her computer it would be "I'm gonna stand it", phone going all day "I'm gonna stand on it", printer not working "I'm gonna stand on it".