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Jul 04,  · Rooting only takes about a week. Within seven days, you could have a sturdy, tall tomato seedling, which is about weeks faster than starting a plant from . Dec 14,  · During the tomato plant's first weeks in the ground, much of its energy is used to create new leaves and roots. During stage II, young plants will grow quickly, with their size doubling every two.

Water generously the first few days that the tomato seedlings or transplants are in the ground. Water well throughout the growing season, about 2 inches (about gallons) per square foot per week during the summer. Water deeply to encourage a strong root system. Water in the early morning. May 08,  · The best time to start tomato plants from seeds is about six to eight weeks before you plan on planting them out into your garden. For areas that get frost, plan on planting out your tomato seedlings two to three weeks after your last frost, so you will start growing tomatoes from seed at four to six weeks before your last frost date.

Knowing your first and last frost dates will help you start your vegetable seeds at the right time. North Carolina is in USDA plant hardiness zones. Learning Download: Growing in North Carolina. May 11,  · I planted 11 tomato plants in my garden on April 14th, and added two more tomato plants on May 3rd, for a total of 13 tomato plants. Some gardeners think having 13 plants is bad luck, but don’t go getting superstitious on me (if I don’t get any tomatoes this year, I will reconsidered my feelings on superstitions).

Determining when to plant flowers is easy once you learn the first and last frost date in your zone. Zones can be divided even amongst themselves, and this can slightly vary suggested planting dates by a week or two. Always look at the type of flower to see if it will tolerate your zone and frost dates. Dec 02,  · A rough guide to watering tomato plants is to supply 1 inch of water per week. Plants growing in sandy soil often need more water, and plants usually need water more when the weather is .