Wife fingering my cum out of her pussy - why my cum doesnt shoot out


why my cum doesnt shoot out - Wife fingering my cum out of her pussy

why is it that when i ejaculate it doesn't shoot out, just comes out slowly? 1 doctor answer. Dr. Heidi Fowler answered. 25 years experience Psychiatry. That is normal.: Don't fret. When I climax the feeling is not like it used to be and the cum just barely comes out. Why is it when I ejaculate I do not feel the pleasure feel no sensation. Well mist of the time that happens it's because your mind is getting used to you masturbating and will not shoot out as much as it did before. Each time you masturbate your mind understands that it's not you having sex it's just you pleasuring yourself.

no, not at all. some boys just are able to shoot their semen out further than other, especially those on porn videos but many boys have ejaculations that just spurt once or twice then the rest of. Just piss and stop the piss flow by tensing down on your piss control muscles. Those are the same muscles that you can tense up and relax over and over again for doing Kegal exercises. These same muscles control how hard and far you shoot your sperm load when you cum.

Not all guys squirt, or shoot or whatever name is given at ejaculation. What you describe in terms of the seminal fluid produced is normal too in early stages where the body has not yet began full. It used to shoot up to the bottom of my pecs. Now it just seems to pump out and pool around my belly button. There is just as much cum as there used to be -- no change in volume; just in distance. And orgasms still feel as good as ever. I'm not really concerned about fertility, because I don't plan to .

There's nothing wrong with the sperm just dripping out, as long as nothing is hurting you should be fine. If you actually want it to shoot out, let the sperm build up more or go slowly, that should help. Try prolonging your orgasm as often as possible. Like when you're about to cum, stop and wait and then start again. It's also easier to shoot cum if a pornstar is helping. level 2.