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Jan 13,  · havs anyone ever heard of the "rockmelon" breast enhancing ringtone? its a ringtone that if you listen to it 20 times a day for ten days, it will apparently increase your breast size by . Rockmelon Growing Guide Crop Rotation Group. Cucurbits (Squash family) Soil. Rich, moisture-retentive soil with plenty of compost dug in. Position. Full sun. Frost tolerant. No. Feeding. After plants set fruit, feed twice, at two week intervals, with a water soluble plant food. Companions. Beans and Sweetcorn. Spacing. Single Plants: 90cm (2.

Sep 05,  · Where can I download the "rockmelon" breast enlargement ringtone? I already understand the difference between "anecdotal" information and scientific research and know that the rockmelon ringtone has not been scientifically proven to work. However, several of my friends have become interested in it so I wanted to find it for them. Rockmelon, or cantaloupe, generally refers to any melon with the familiar orange, juicy flesh. In times past, it referred only to those smooth, non-netted varieties native to Europe. As orange-fleshed melon began to increase in popularity, 'cantaloupe' came to be used somewhat interchangeably with other terms, among them muskmelon, rockmelon.