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I mean, genuinely good, unselfish, caring, nurturing parents what happens that the end result can be a deceitful, cruel, vicious individual? Bright and college . 3. Substance abuse. Not all adult children partake in substance abuse, but many do. One reason they turn to drugs and alcohol is that they watched their parents or .

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY This is an adult natured website. You must be at least 18 years of age to view this site, and be viewing this material in an area . Dark teen dramas were all the rage in the late '90s. Films like Fear (), The Craft (), Wild Things (), and Jawbreaker () proved that high school era .

Young babe is forced to have sex outdoor in the woods. Runtime: VIEWS: Enjoy this mini compilation with funny cartoons and illustrations that show the reality of life in our modern times (sad and harsh at times), from various ar.

The Abusive Adult Child These adult children can be as witched as the abusive parent that controlled them in their young. Only difference is that they act out their battering adolescent-style. That is with an air of immaturity that confuses the parents they abuse. Jan 24, - Explore rob's board "cruel mistress.", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mistress, leather mistress, dominant women pins.