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May 14,  · Autism is a difficult concept to grasp unless you're living with it or dealing with someone close to you who has it. Most people are quite uncertain about what it actually is; they just know that. May 29,  · Not all adults on the autism spectrum are capable or are ready of living completely independently. Fortunately there are options other than staying put and being completely self-sufficient.

Apr 04,  · Autism is a neurological disorder that affects learning and development. That means you cannot get the condition as an adult. Oct 31,  · The symptoms of autism in adults can differ from those in children, and many adults have learned to live with their symptoms over the years. Autism Author: Jayne Leonard.

Housing and Community Living Moving out of the family home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. For a person on the autism spectrum, finding and securing a house and caregiving supports can be complicated for you and your family. Available adult living options for people on the autism spectrum vary from state to state and individual to individual. Possibilities range from complete independence to institutional living. Figuring out just what a particular individual needs, where to find it, and how to fund it, can be a complex process. Huntstock / .

Not all adults with autism are alike. Some adults with autism have successful careers in demanding fields such as information technology, robotics, and video game production. Some work part-time while also taking advantage of day programs and resources. Some are unable to function in the workplace and spend their days in sheltered settings.