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adults nappy punishment - Cute Valentina Nappi likes to get her Ass ruined deep down

Mar 16,  · In general, there are two types of diaper punishment. This first is where adults who identify themselves as adult babies or diaper lovers (ABDL) wear or make their partners wear diapers for sexual purposes. The second type is when children who have outgrown diapers are made to wear them as punishment for wetting their bed etc. Mar 13,  · One form of this is diaper punishment. There are two different forms of diaper punishment, both very controversial and private. The first involves adults and a group of people that consider themselves adult baby diaper lovers, or ABDLs. These people wear diapers and/or other types of baby clothing and items.

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Yes I received diaper punishment several times while growing up. When I was put into diapers I was told I was acting like a baby. So I was put into cloth diapers and plastic panties. I was not allowed to cover them up with any kind of clothing. I. Mom thought it would 'benefit me' to go back into diapers as my punishment. They used the diaper punishment when I was like 9 and TRUST me it worked. But for 3 years now, every time I get into trouble or do something wrong, my bedroom door gets a huge lock on it and I have to sleep in the spare room which is done up in a nursery.

Warm pee flooded my diaper and it sagged down so the diaper was clearly visible now. Just then I could feel something mushy fall into the back of my diaper and it kept coming till it filled the diaper. You could see the poopy and soaked diaper because it sagged down so far my mom took the opportunity to embarrassed me. Make sure to always fill out your diaper before changing into a new one. Never change a diaper after the first accident adult diaper soaked diaper wet bum full diaper wet diaper poopy diaper.