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Sep 12,  · Trigonocephaly Syndrome, which is also known by the name of C Syndrome, is a rare pathological condition caused due to an abnormality in the cell division causing an abnormality in the number of chromosomes. Under normal circumstances an individual has 46 chromosomes but in Trigonocephaly Syndrome the number of chromosomes is either 45 or Individuals with trigonocephaly have a keel-shaped forehead with wide biparietal diameter, resulting in a triangular shape of the head. Trigonocephaly results from premature closure of the metopic sutures and usually occurs sporadically (summary by Frydman et al., ).

Trigonocephaly is a congenital condition of premature fusion of the metopic suture (from Greek metopon, "forehead"), leading to a triangular forehead. The merging of the two frontal bones leads to transverse growth restriction and parallel growth expansion. It may occur syndromic, involving other abnormalities, or xfuckx.xyzlty: Medical genetics. Apr 21,  · The best idea for you would be to seek a plastic surgeon with craniofacial experience. True trigonocephaly is usually treated early with a transcranial procedure and reshaping of the forehead. As an adult, depending on the severity, this approach can be utilized or alternatively masking procedures such as onlay implants and bone contouring.

Jan 01,  · The trigonocephaly is the manifestation from an abnormal synostosis in the metopic suture, it is a triangular shaped forehead as seen from top view.