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The cause of adult scoliosis varies depending on the type of scoliosis. The most common form of adult scoliosis is degenerative (spine curves as you age). Adult scoliosis may be a case of pediatric scoliosis that was undiscovered until adulthood. In some cases, adolescent scoliosis may develop symptoms with aging and require treatment. Jun 04,  · Scolioisis most frequently occurs in children and teenagers. However, adults may also be diagnosed with scoliosis, either when a curve that existed in their youth progresses, or as a de novo (newly diagnosed condition) that can result from degenerative changes in the spine or osteoporosis.

Symptoms of Adult Scoliosis Back pain is the primary symptom of adult scoliosis, especially in lumbar scoliosis. However, if the scoliotic curvature involves the thoracic spine, and is severe, the patient may experience breathing difficulties, and the function of the lungs and/or heart may be compromised. Thoracic scoliosis refers to an abnormal sideways curve located in the middle (or thoracic) portion of the spine. This is the most common location for scoliosis curves, and the first sign many patients notice is an asymmetry of the chest, rib cage, and shoulder blades.