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Sep 29,  · While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. For example, as sex worker and sex educator Corey More explains, spanking therapy is any BDSM spanking. simple spanking sessions (SS) A Simple Spanking session (Spanking ) is the most basic, introductory type of session that Miss Chris offers. Specially designed for newcomers to adult spanking play, an SS session is just that -- a simple but very comprehensive exploration of hand to butt spanking.

These sessions can involve directed self administered punishment, a thorough lecture with scolding and/or non corporal punishments (corner time, lines, etc.), spanking story time, or discussions about spanking, the spanking scene, and how to cultivate spanking relationships. My spanking sessions are % non-sexual. Please go elsewhere if you are looking for an erotic/sexual spanking. I am a real person with real feelings. Please treat me with respect and don't waste my time. Thank you for visiting my website and remember you are only one spanking away from a good mood or swift attitude adjustment.".

Spanking therapy is an adult therapy where a person who is struggling with an issue or issues is treated by an authority figure whom the person trusts and respects. The issues can range from something as simple as say procrastinating, to sexual performance, to something as serious as a health problem. Aug 04,  · And if you do a quick Google of the terms "spanking therapy" or "BDSM therapy," you'll see that people are using spanking as more than just a way to get off. This channeling of pain .