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Jan 11,  · The three quarter-size is the next size up and of all the guitar sizes this is best for year olds. Don’t think this is kids-only, these guitars are perfect for petite adults too. Much like the half-size, both electric and acoustic guitars are available in three quarter-size. Generally, adults are comfortable with full size guitars (40” Concert size and 41” Dreadnought in acoustic guitars). If you are small in stature consider a 40” Concert size guitar or smaller. If your are very tall consider a 41” Dreadnought size guitar. Select the following link for more information.

Jan 28,  · A typical full-size guitar is around 38 inches long (cm) with a scale length of around inches (cm). This varies widely across brands and guitar types. If you have a guitar and you want to find out whether it is a full-size guitar, the first thing to check is the scale length. A couple of things to consider when deciding on a first guitar: 1. Different guitar types are not uniform in size. Electric Guitars are much smaller than Steel-String Acoustic Guitars and Nylon String Classical Guitars, they can basically be used by most people, but you do need to consider the extra weight. Acoustic Guitars are bigger but.

Oct 14,  · Guitars a variety of different sizes - we have a guitar size-guide here, along with some guitars to match - so you can see just what suits you. Guitar sizes explained Even though 3/4-sized guitars are recommended for year-olds, this doesn't mean they are not suitable for adults, too. Nov 06,  · Acoustic Guitar Dimensions / Sizes. Acoustic guitar bodies are measured length by depth. e.g. Length = the distance from the neck joint to the strap button on the bottom of the guitar. The width of the guitar takes into account the upper and lower body curves (aka bouts) e.g. upper bout width and lower bout width.