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Adults for Sale Piper Two years old & Female (Spayed). She is needing a forever home. She cannot go to home with any other dogs, no exceptions. She is an excellent dog and great with everything else but get some fights with other dogs so she needs to find that special home. Sandy the adult Schnoodle (Schnauzer / Poodle mix breed dog)— "The Schnoodle is very loyal to his family, affectionate, extremely intelligent, easily trained, clever, friendly, fun loving, with plenty of personality! They are good with children and get along fine with other animals.

Jul 06,  · Expected Sizes of Adult Schnoodle Dogs Due to the wide range of sizes in a Schnoodle’s parent breeds, a Schnoodle (full grown) may be small, medium, or large in size. The different Schnoodle varieties are listed below with their expected grown-up sizes. Nov 11,  · Angela’s Schnoodles is a family breeder in Bluffton, Indiana. They are a large family and everyone is involved in the business in some way. All of the adult dogs are pets in someone’s home.

Our Schnoodle adult size ranges from pounds for Miniature and pounds for Toy size. The weight and height varies depending on the parents. We post expected adult sizes for each litter at 6 weeks old. We dock tails and remove dewclaws at the age of three to five days old - the puppies feel very little pain with the method we use. The coat should not be wiry like an adult Schnauzer nor have tight curls like the poodle. The Schnoodle coat should be a good balance of both breeds and above all non shedding. Schnoodles look terrific in beards, like their Schnauzer parent.

Our Giant Schnoodle males are expected to get to pounds and our females pounds (this is at a normal, healthy adult weight, a few may be bigger or smaller). Our Mini Schnoodles males are expected to be between pounds and the females pounds.