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adult religous education - Institutrice timide veut parfaire son education libertine

Adult religious education usually falls along three basic categories: Learning the Tradition; Deepening Knowledge of the Tradition; Applying the Tradition. Learning the Tradition. Many of the adults in Orthodox parishes grew up at a time where there were few religious education programs or resources available. Adult Religious Education – UUFWS Adult Education and Faith Formation Programs Religious Education (RE) is a lifelong process. Some of us find our answers to life’s most fundamental questions early, and our life experiences solidify and reinforce those beliefs.

Adult Religious Education Our newly revised Adult Religious Education Programs Booklet for contains listings and descriptions of many of the opportunities to get more deeply involved in spiritual growth, activities and ongoing programs here at the Fellowship. From the Touchstones small discussion groups to meditation and our upcoming Party at the. Adult Religious Education (Sacramental Ministries) Life is a journey in which we find ourselves defining and redefining who we are, what we believe, where we are going and what is most important in our lives. Often we find ourselves reflecting on our relationship with the Church and what it means to be a member of a faith community.

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