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adult power ranger fanfiction - Nina Hartley & Bone Ranger - Up & Cummers 8

Might Morphin Power Rangers: Logan's Legacy by OCWhiteRanger Logan at only 10 years old was attacked by one of Rita's Monster's that wasn't sealed away with there empress, saved by Zordon he was given the White Ranger Power Coin and told to train up encase there ever was a chance Rita would escape and try to rain her evil on the earth many year later now as a teen he joins the other rangers. Power Rangers: Ultimate Alliance Episode 1, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction Welcome to a very special fan fic. In this one, you will get to see of all the rangers teaming together to fight an ultimate evil (you'll understand what I mean later).

Since slash has been excluded from several other communities, here it has its very own collection. The best of Power Rangers slash stories, all seasons, all pairings, as long as it's mm or ff. Jade King a normal teenager, finds herself in a crazy adventure to save the ranger dimensions after she finds the 7th Power star- The Turquoise power star. Together with the others, they must work together with the Samurai rangers to stop evil, from winning and destroying them once and for all. Whil.

Power Rangers: The White Ranger by Alex Wiggert K 21 This is the story of the movie "Power Rangers" along with a twist of my own: a new addition is with the newly chosen rangers as the White Ranger, going wi. Purple Ranger Jason Scott by Alisha McMartin K 8 Ally has always been a nornal teenager, well if you count being a mermaid normal, until one night at the mines she discovers a purple coin.

Fanfiction Romance Power Rangers Power Rangers Dino Charge Chase Randall Oc Love Story Power Rangers Aqua Dino Charge Living in Amber Beach and becoming a power ranger wasn't on Marnie Cramps to do list, yet it happens. Power Rangers Megaforce (34) Legacies (TV ) (22) Power Rangers Dino Charge (19) Power Rangers Samurai (17) Power Rangers Dino Thunder (16) Runaways (TV ) (15) Include Characters Kimberly Hart () Trini (Power Rangers) () Zack Taylor () Billy Cranston () Jason Lee Scott () Jason Scott () Tommy Oliver () Zordon.