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Adults with NVLD may also experience depression and anxiety disorder. As such, they may engage in compulsive behaviors as ways to ease anxiety. As you can see, nonverbal learning disorder affects a. For many of us adults with a nonverbal learning disability (NVLD), the challenges can become harder because we are expected to have gained the independence in school to successfully navigate the real world. One of the first challenges a person with a NVLD may encounter after school is the use of technology.

Students with nonverbal learning disorder often struggle with visual and spatial processing, understanding humor, change of routines, multitasking, are very anxious, and often very inflexible. They also tend to have trouble starting a conversation or talk too much, and also struggle with fine and gross motor skills. This can continue to adulthood. Nonverbal learning disability (NLD) refers to a learning disorder that is characterized by deficits in visual-spatial organization and processing that significantly interferes with academic and social functioning (1). A specific neuropsychological profile of strengths and weaknesses typically associated with NLD has been identified.