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adult fanfiction mass effect - Miranda Lawson Strip tease (Mass Effect)

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the survivor Jedi (Mass effect ha by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger K 5 Y/n L/n, a teen boy who had a good life on earth until a new treat Is beyond the the Galaxy,But at the same Time when Y/n was about to inform His captain until was backs. With the Mass Effect Trilogy legendary edition (Remaster) being in the works with an emphasis on being ‘more adult’ when it comes to the nude/sex scenes my imagination conjured a whirlwind of possibilities.

A/N I own nothing. Mass Effect is owned by Bioware. Comments: This story has already had a bigger response than I had expected. Thank you everyone that has read it, an extra thank you to those that are following and an extra special thank you to those who favourited it! It's very encouraging! OnkelJo – Thanks for the constructive criticism. This is my first fan fiction ever, and I'm quite excited to tell you guys the story. This was born out of my love for Mass Effect and my desire to put a story out there of my own. English is not my first language, but it is a close second. I really hope to improve my grammar, spelling, word-use and so on.

Sheila Lawson is the biological sister of Miranda Lawson. Developed just after their father lost Oriana, she was meant to be the perfect heir to his dynasty along with her twin sister, Mira Lawson. Everything, from her intelligence, physical constitution, biotic abilities, to her appearance were designed before birth to be excellent and even greater than that of Miranda's. Click here for the. Alright, welcome to Mass Effect Female Weight gain Redux! Any and all women from the games can gain, but one of them needs to get things started first. So, who should we start with? Plenty of women to pick from, and all of them sorted for your slight convenience! Fattened FemShep- Pick .