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In the United States, it’s been estimated that 3 out of 4 children are not being identified in school; among adults, that number is probably higher. Should I Be Formally Assessed? Adult basic skills programs offer night and weekend courses that help mature learners strengthen their reading, writing, math, and computer skills.

The topics covered in this adult dyslexia section will help you to succeed and get the most out of your future. May 25,  · Dyslexia in adults has many symptoms that usually require an in-person assessment with a psychologist. There are several types of tests your doctor may run to Author: Diana Wells.

There is no cure for dyslexia but with the right teaching and support, dyslexics can overcome their difficulties and achieve great things. Many dyslexic people learn to cope with their difficulties, to make good use of their areas of strength and to become successful and fulfilled individuals. DYSLEXIA IN ADULTS. The condition affects up to one in five children and adults. Other key facts you should know It’s brain-based. Brain-imaging shows differences .

CogniFit focuses on these cognitive problems and offers cognitive stimulation activities that can help reduce the cognitive symptoms of dyslexia in adults.