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Grants to Start an Adult Day Care Center Financing for starting up an adult day care center usually comes from a variety of personal, public and private sources. Grants often can be vital in helping cash-strapped ADCs bootstrap their financing needs. Mar 26,  · Grants can be considered as one of the best possible ways to start or maintain an adult day care. However, you can hardly find a grant that will cover the whole operation or construction cost for the service. What you can expect from these grant providers is program funding, which will allow you to provide a better service for these aging people.

Adult day care centers. Senior community service employment programs. In general, federal grants for elderly care cover education, nutrition, housing and other seniors' needs. Private organizations support business owners in their efforts to help the elderly. Nov 08,  · Eldercare Initiative Long-Term Care Grant Program This is a program provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services, available for Indian tribes, Indian health programs, and Indian tribe organizations. There are two categories available, including Assessment and Planning (up to $50,) and Implementation (up to $75,).

For example in one city, a grant was used to provide start-up money for its area adult day care program. So when more funding money was needed it made sense to look to this grant program again for monies to construct a new facility to provide day treatment for victims in the middle to advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease with a new adult. There over 5, owners of adult day care centers today, along with useful resources that can help the ones who also want to join the effort and start a day care for adults. Step 1. Know your local community's need for adult day care. Dig into the latest U.S. Census Data to find out how many adults 65 years of age and older live in the your area.

As for an adult day care facility, reports that the national average for adult day care charges is about $ per month. This is a deal compared to full-time care in a skilled nursing home, which averages $ a month, or an assisted living facility, which averages $ a month.