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Folding Steel Bedside Commode The Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode The Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode easily opens and collapses, and will fold flat for convenient storage and transportation. The easy-to-use snap buttons allow this commode to expand and fold in seconds, offering exceptional convenience for today's on-the-go lifestyle. Bariatric commodes usually range between 23 and 30 inches wide, and some can hold up to pounds. A standard bedside potty chair for adults can usually hold up to pounds of weight. Frame Material of the Bedside Toilet Take note of what the bedside porta potty frame is made from, since this will either enhance or reduce its functionality.

All-in-one (or 3-in-1) commodes are used to assist the elderly and handicapped in toileting by assisting a person who has difficulty getting to the bathroom by bringing the toilet into the bedroom. They also make toileting in the bathroom easier. See common questions below for more information. A commode is a chair or bench that has a cutout positioned over a removable pan. Commodes are generally placed close to the bedside, so that users do not have to travel far to use them. Caregivers can then slide out the pan and take it to the bathroom for emptying and cleaning. Disposable liners are available to simplify cleanup.

A bariatric commode is designed for the toileting, showering, and hygiene routines of larger adults weighing pounds or more, and features a reinforced frame made of non-corrosive, water resistant materials, wider and deeper seating, padded arms and backrest, and a removable under-seat pail to serve as a non-flushable and portable toilet. Nov 16,  · A bedside commode is a movable toilet that does not use running water. It looks like a chair with a toilet seat and has a bucket or container underneath. The container can be removed for cleaning after the commode is used. A commode can be .