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adult clothes moth - Toy and Hitachi action Cora Moth ATK

When people refer to “carpet moths” or “clothes moths” they are really referring to two distinct species of keratin-eating insects. Similar in behavior, these moths get their names from the subtle differences in how they build their cocoons. Jan 05,  · The adult clothes moth is quite small, often growing to be less than inch ( centimeters). They are typically a light tan or a gold color, with small rust-colored tufts on their heads. Clothes moths are considered to be very poor flyers, and usually just flutter around.

Mar 12,  · Sometimes you’ll find the little rice-shaped cocoons they leave behind, but more often than not, you’ll spot the adult clothes moths fluttering around as they look for a mate to reproduce. So, what to do then? “The first thing is to clean and separate your clothes,” says Breeze.