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Sep 29,  · Adult Christian Baptismal Ceremonies 1 Scripture Reading. Most baptismal ceremonies begin with reading passages from the Bible that deal with the subject of 2 Prayer/ Invocation. Following the reading of Scripture (or alternately, . May 31,  · Performing the Baptism 1. Tell the person to plug their nose. After the confession has been repeated, encourage the person to plug their nose 2. Place one hand on their back and one on their front. As you get ready to dunk them, place one arm around behind them. 3. Guide the person backwards into 83%(52).

Baptism. you are baptized with water – a symbol of the life within you and in the world around you. We welcome you to the community of life on earth and dedicate you to everything which is beautiful, honest, innocent, and good. Alternative: you are baptized in the name of the God and in the spirit of Jesus Christ. The Baptism Ceremony includes the Eucharistc mass with a few minor changes. Welcoming. The ceremony begins with a welcome to the family from the priest on behalf of the the Church community. He asks the parents whether you accept the responsibility of bringing up the child in the practice of the faith.

In fact you can think of today similar to a wedding ceremony, this is the public ceremony where commits the rest of their life to following Jesus – through thick and thin, for richer and poorer – for life. 2. The second thing is that baptism signifies is that you enter a Covenant relationship with Christ’s Church.